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The most troublesome & costly about your business website is how to get your business website to 1st page, of major search engines with the keyword or keywords of your choice.

The process is slowly and time consuming, and the search engines constantly making changes to their,

algorithm which making almost impossible to stay on 1st page and to stay still on 1st page.

Like the stock market it is so fluctuate, it goes up and down every seconds, so you have to be,

constantly monitor your ranking and fine tune your website using SEO technique to push your website,

back to 1s page again, and again every time you see it slipping down in rank.

It requires intensive works and the worst thing can ever happen is ‘your competitors always monitor you and,

they try to get higher rank than you, it is just like ‘cat & mouse game’ never ended.

If you want to retain on 1st page, you must continue pushing your website and its content on the daily basis.

The minute you stop pushing your website, you can see it slipping down on search rank at no time at all.

There are so many factors and different areas to fine tune your website and its content, the more competitors you have the harder,

stuffier and more costly to beat them.

Also depending on the amount of letters using for your selected keyword will determine how hard and how stuff and how much it will cost you to implement.